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Their last show of unity: Tom Cruise and Katie walk hand-in-hand together two weeks before Holmes files for divorce

By George Arbuthnott and Caroline Graham, Mail on Sunday LA Correspondent

Hand-in-hand Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes are seen walking through the streets of Iceland’s capital Reykjavik.

The picture – believed to be the last of the couple together – was taken two weeks ago during what is believed to have been a last-ditch attempt to save their marriage.

But it was clear the reconciliation attempt had failed on Thursday when Katie, 33, ‘blind-sided’ her husband by filing divorce papers in New York seeking custody of their daughter Suri, six.

This is the last picture of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes walking on the streets of Iceland's capital Reykjavik as the superstar films his latest movie

Airbound: Tom Cruise heads back to Reykjavik after leaving the villa, below

Now Tom, who has remained in Iceland filming his £100 million sci-fi movie Oblivion, is said to be ‘a broken man’.

Last night insiders said superstar Tom, who has earned an estimated £275 million fortune thanks to hits like Mission: Impossible and Top Gun, has cut an increasingly isolated and lonely figure in past days.

One said: ‘He looks like a broken man. He is one of the most famous people on the planet yet when you see him he now looks like one of the saddest.’

Tom had been planning a lavish party to celebrate his 50th birthday on Tuesday – to which he had reportedly invited celebrity friends like David and Victoria Beckham and Will Smith.

Now sources close to Tom say the party will be ‘a muted affair’.

One Hollywood associate of the actor said: ‘Everyone had been talking about the party and who would be going. Tom had already flown his adopted son Connor over to Iceland and the word was that this was going to be a big celebration. Now it will be a muted affair.

‘Tom was totally blindsided by Katie filing for divorce. He knew there were problems in the marriage but he had hoped they could work them out for the sake of their child.’ Katie, a devout Catholic, initially embraced Tom’s Scientology beliefs but has now enrolled Suri in a private Catholic school in Manhattan and is determined to raise the child as a Catholic.

She is also said to have tired of her husband’s increasingly ‘boring’ ways. ‘Tom is nearing 50 and when he’s not working he either goes to the gym or hangs out with his Scientology buddies,’ said the Hollywood source.

Cruise is finding refuge in a remote hilltop villa, pictured, and is said to be reflecting on being 'blindsided' by his soon-to-be-ex-wife

‘Katie is still a young woman and she wants to go out and have fun. She wants her freedom back.’ Days after Katie left Iceland on a private jet, Tom took a helicopter to an isolated £1 million villa on the north of the island where he holed up with Connor, 17, the son he adopted during his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

The source said: ‘Connor seems to be the one he is leaning on in his hour of need.

They have always had a strong bond. Tom finds it hard to trust anyone outside his immediate family. It is no surprise that Connor is with him at this difficult time.’ The actor had travelled with Katie and Suri to Iceland on Friday June 15 in a private jet.

They landed at Reykjavik airport and then immediately went to the £600-a-night presidential suite at the Hilton, according to local reports.

The 1,200 sq ft penthouse has a jacuzzi and a private lift and Tom had his private chef working in the kitchen, cooking organic food for them.

The couple were then photographed taking the short walk in the centre of the city the day after their arrival.

Katie, wearing a thick navy blue jumper and light blue tight-fitting trousers, clasped the hand of her husband who was dressed in a matching dark blue roll-neck pullover and slacks.

His eyes were covered in a pair of aviator sun glasses suitable for what was an unusually hot day in the city.

The couple were flanked by security guards as they browsed a number of fashion shops and were picked up and dropped off in a black vehicle.

Tom is said to have employed a large security detail with bodyguards from both America and Iceland hired for the trip. That night the pair dined at upmarket Sushi Samba. A waiter told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I am surprised by the news of the divorce because they didn’t seem that unhappy when I saw them.

‘They did ask all of the customers not to take photographs of them while they were dining. They were there with their daughter. They asked for “privacy” from the other guests.’

Later that evening Tom had been expected to attend a cast and crew party at a popular bar, the Kex Hostel, but apparently had a change of heart after his family dinner. A staff member said: ‘Yes, we were very excited that Tom Cruise might be coming but we were very disappointed when he did not.’

On Monday June 18, Tom flew by helicopter to his rented villa, which belongs to the Swiss millionaire Thomas Martin Seiz.

The chopper was photographed landing in front of the property just feet from the front door.

It is thought Katie and Suri flew back to America around this time.

The 430 sq ft property, named Hrafnabjörg, is set high on a hill and affords stunning views across a bay to the town of Akureyri, which has around 15,000 inhabitants.

Out of this world: Tom Cruise, above, on the set of Oblivion, his new £100million sci-fi thriller

The windswept location would have been a poignant place for Tom to reflect on the end of his marriage. He did not lack for comfort. The property is one of the most expensive in Iceland and houses a 40 sq ft swimming pool and a jacuzzi.

The two-storey modern building has an open-plan kitchen and living room with glass windows from floor-to-ceiling. Tom left the house on Thursday after being flown each day by helicopter for filming on location at Hrossaborg Myvatn, a huge lake surrounded by brown desolate moonscape.

When the divorce news broke on Friday afternoon, Tom was thought to have been again sheltering at the Hilton Hotel in Reykjavik.

However yesterday there was no sign of the star at the hotel. The film is due to end its Icelandic filming on Friday.

source: dailymail

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