Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beyonce Distracts Jay-Z From Rapping at Concert

No doubt her bootylicousness is one the things that captivated Jay-Z to Beyonce. This quality of hers enthralls him no matter when or where, even during his concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn! Jay-Z was so absorbed in looking at his wife performing on stage that he missed his cue to join her on stage!
I can’t blame Jay-Z because Beyonce looked really hot black leather shorts matching leather top and knee-high boots. She first hit “Diva” and then proceeded to “Crazy In Love” where her better half was supposed to rap. It wasn’t until she prompted him with “Come on Baby” that he started with his rapping. But as he raced to the stage he could be heard sayin’ “Oh s**t, I should probably rap here.”
But it was all good. Besides missing his cue to rap, the duo’s performance went smoothly from then on. They also performed “Forever Young” together and before Beyonce walked off stage after the number, Jay-Z gave Bey a hug, kiss and a playful pat on the butt.
I think it’s cute that even though they've been together a long time and have a baby together, they’re still mesmerized by each other and the romance doesn't fade.

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