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Miss World 2012 : Birthday surprise for Serbia and Thailand!

Vanessa and Bojana blow out the candles on their special cakes

Birthday surprise for Serbia and Thailand!
20 July 2012 There was an extra-special surprise in store for two of the Miss World contestants today and we’ve got the pictures to show you!
Bojana Lecic, the national representative for Serbia, celebrated her birthday today and Vanessa Herrmann of Thailand had hers (just before everyone arrived in China) on the 17th. Here at Miss World, we don’t like to let a birthday to go by unmarked so there was some super-secret organisation behind the scenes!

The moment when Bojana realised the ‘meeting’ was in her honour!

The girls were called to an ‘official meeting’ in the dining room but when they arrived it turned out that it was actually in order to present the two birthday belles with a beautiful cake each, and to serenade them with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday! (Being an international group of women, the two contestants were treated to three versions of the song, one in English, one in Spanish and one in Chinese – which the hotel staff all joined in with!)

Bojana cuts into her cake before the girls all tuck in

When they had recovered from their surprise, the two ladies blew out their candles to rapturous applause and then very kindly helped all their fellow contestants to slices of cake before having some themselves.
Happy birthday, Bojana and Vanessa!

source: t-pageant

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